The P&C are a very active and integral part of the  Woodcrest State College Community.
During the year the P&C hold many events and fundraisers for the students, including the junior school disco, as well as the Mothers’ day and Fathers’ day stalls.

The P&C are always looking for people to help.  The Parent and Citizen Committee meets each month and all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. You can have a say in the things happening around the school. 

Keep up with daily happenings on our Facebook group Team Woodcrest

We are excited to announce that after the hard work of previous years, 2018 saw the P&C take over the running of the Junior Tuckshop, and open WOSHC – The Woodcrest Outside School Hours Care facility. 2020 has seen both these ventures flourish, with great benefit to the school community. We look forward to building these ventures for current and future families.