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Membership of the P&C is a great way to help support our school and your children’s journey at Woodcrest State College while making new friends and connections.

By being involved in the P&C you are kept updated regularly on what is happening within our school, school policies and procedures, hearing directly from our Principal and P&C news – it also means you can have active input.

Membership of the P&C is open to all interested parties and your involvement can be as little as attending the monthly meeting to a larger job of organising and running project and events.

P&C members make a difference by: 

πŸ’› consulting on school policy 
πŸ’š financial planning and budgeting 
πŸ–€ managing on-site businesses (canteen, uniforms)  
πŸ’› assisting with school functions 
πŸ’š making the school a happier and more connected place.


πŸ’› children who have actively engaged parents have better education outcomes!  
πŸ’š working with your P&C provides you with valuable work experience and new skills. 
πŸ–€ volunteering improves your health and wellbeing.  
πŸ’› Joining your P&C creates life-long friendships. 

Being a member of the P&C doesn’t mean you need to come along to every meeting or volunteer for anything that you don’t want to do.  

This year you can submit your membership online or complete the form and return it in person or to *P&C membership must be renewed each year.

WSC P&C Regulation Information

P&Cs in Queensland are governed by the Department of Education. P&Cs Qld website has all you need to know about the roles and responsibilities of a P&C and the governing framework.

P&C Constitution

Code of Conduct

P&C Handbook

Student Protection Risk Management Strategy

Employee Volunteer Handbook

2024 Meeting Minutes

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